Herbal Psoriasis Hand & Face Wash


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A great herbal treatment for sufferers of Psoriasis on the hands nails & face. With a formula which works quickly to clear and heal the affected area’s on the hands nails and face without having to use ointments.

Use the Herbal-derm hand & face wash twice daily as you would use a regular liquid soap and see the results of this effective treatment after just one week!

This hand & face wash comes in a 150ml bottle with an easy pump dispenser for ease of use.

Can be used in conjunction with other herbal-derm indigenous herbal psoriasis products.

The natural ingredients of our Indigenous Herbal Psoriasis Treatment penetrates and absorbs directly into the layers of skin affected by the Psoriasis.

No known side effects with frequent and prolonged use, unlike most topical treatments containing steroids, zincs and other mineral ingredients which makes this treatment safe to use on people with sensitive skin

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