40g Herbal Psoriasis Cream


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*This cream treatment comes in a two part set 2 x 20g
*Rapid reaction time to soothe the itching & irritation
*Coal-Tar Free
*Cortisone Free
*Effective on all types of Psoriasis

No known side effects with frequent and prolonged use, unlike most topical treatments containing steroids, zincs and other mineral ingredients which makes this treatment safe to use on people with sensitive skin

Apply both creams twice a day, gently massaging the treatment into the affected areas this will reduce the flaking, scaling and redness of Psoriasis FAST!!

In most cases all symptoms have completely gone in less than 3 weeks*
The natural ingredients of our Indigenous Herbal Psoriasis Treatment penetrates and absorbs directly into the layers of skin affected by the Psoriasis.

*results may vary from patient to patient.

Weight 40 g
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